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Best Prime Day 2019 Aquarium Deals

Amazon Prime Day 2019

Amazon Prime Day is Amazon's annual "holiday" that’s exclusive to Prime subscribers. Historically, Prime Day has launched in mid-July, and Prime Day 2019 is actually two days long - July 15th and 16th. Deals begin at 12 AM PT on July 15th! If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can sign up for a free trial just to take advantage of the deals. You may not find absolutely everything on your wish list during the Prime Day discounts, but it’s the best opportunity to stock up on gifts during the summer.

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Aquarium Enthusiasts

The best aquarium and fish related deals will be listed here and this post will be updated during the sale as new deals go live.

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Smart Plugs - Control your Aquarium Equipment Remotely

Shop Smart plug deals on Amazon

Smart plugs that are wifi controlled are a good way to control your lights, circulation pumps, or any gear you want to be able to switch on and off easily.

Kasa Smart WiFi Plug by TP-Link – Smart Plug, No Hub Required, Works with Alexa and Google (HS100)

Kasa Smart WiFi Plug by TP-Link: $11.68 on sale

Amazon Smart Plug, works with Alexa

Aquarium Lighting Deals

NICREW ClassicLED Plus LED Aquarium Light, Full Spectrum Fish Tank Light for Freshwater

Nicrew Aquarium Lights are on sale on Amazon for Prime Day!

I wrote this review on the Nicrew LED lights - these are an awesome deal on sale. Now is a good time to upgrade your old florescent lighting and get some LEDs on your setup.

NICREW Submersible LED Aquarium Light, Hidden White with Blue LED Light Stick for Fish Tank

NICREW Submersible LED Aquarium Light: $10.39 on sale

Aquarium Air Pumps - Always have a Backup!

Its critical to have a backup air pump in case your existing pump fails. Even better is to have one of these small USB air pumps that can be powered by a portable power bank.

I use one of these little gadgets on my outdoor guppy pond, and they produce a lot more air flow than you might expect.

Mylivell Quietest Aquarium Air Pump Ultra Silent High Energy Saving Oxygen Air Pump Aquarium for Fish Tank with Air Stone and Silicone Tube

USB Air Pump: $10.39 on sale

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