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Easy Aquarium Water Changes with the Python Water Change System

The Python system allows you to drain and fill an aquarium from any sink without having to carry any buckets.

If you are using buckets to do your water changes, do yourself a favor and upgrade to the Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System. The Python system allows you to drain and fill an aquarium from any sink without having to carry any buckets. I use my Python all the time to do cleanings and water changes, even though I have a plumbed-in water change system on many of my tanks.

Photo: Python Products

How to Use the Python No Spill Aquarium Water Change System

The Python system comes with a faucet adapter and a hose with threaded male and female ends which allow it to be extended or attached to a gravel vacuum tube. All you do is attach the green faucet adapter to a sink and turn on the water to begin siphoning. When the tank has been drained to the appropriate level, you can switch the Python over to fill mode and refill the tank. The video below covers the system's operation in more detail.

How to Use the Python Video by Big Al's on Youtube

Python Water Changer Accessories and Replacement Parts

The greatest thing about the Python compared to similar products is the great selection of accessories. The Python Hook, for example, allows you to fill an aquarium without worrying about the hose slipping out when you walk over to the sink. I use this particular attachment all the time.

Python Hook in use

Other accessories offer more customization for your particular aquarium. The gravel tube can be purchased in 20, 24, 30, 36, 48 and 72 inch lengths for deeper aquariums! (Links below)

Because of the modular design, you can also build your own custom length Python using clear tubing from a hardware store. I did this to create a 100' siphon hose because I often service aquariums that are more than 25' or 50' from a sink. Since each hose has one male and one female end, they can be connected together. Now, I have a 20', 25', and 100' hose that could all be joined together to form a 145' water changer!

Also, since every single part can be purchased separately, you will never have to pay for an entire new system if one piece fails. I've listed many of the Python products below. Just make sure you get an idea of the distance from your aquarium to the nearest sink before ordering a particular size!

Links to Python Products on Amazon:

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