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Odin Aquatics Aquarium Maintenance and Setup Services

Maintaining beautiful freshwater aquariums for business and residential clients in the greater Denver area

Maintenance Services:

  • Aquarium glass/acrylic cleaning
  • Regular water changes
  • Filter maintenance and cleaning
  • Aquarium decor, stand, and peripheral equipment cleaning
  • Troubleshooting for sick or algae infested fish tanks
  •  Weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly full-service maintenance packages, with pricing dependent on aquarium size

Concierge Aquarium Setup / Leasing Services:

Have an aquarium professionally set up in your space, without a single trip to the store. Concierge aquarium setup includes full service sourcing and installation of your aquarium, stand, and equipment. As well as careful acclimatization of your fish.

Lease options are available for clients who want to lease an aquarium rather than purchasing all of the equipment up front. Lease includes a full maintenance program so that all you need to worry about is enjoying your aquarium.

Live aquarium plant additions are also available! An aquascape featuring aquatic plants can beautify your home or office and help to remove nitrates from your water. Contact for more info.

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