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My Favorite Fish Foods

The foods you feed to your fish can affect their health, energy levels, and even their coloration. If your fish are lethargic or not looking their best, you should consider the quality and variety of the food they're receiving. Here I'll share some basics on fish food followed by my favorite fish foods that I...

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DIY Floating Fish Feeder Rings

If you've ever introduced duckweed to your aquarium - intentionally or otherwise - you may have run into this common problem: Duckweed Covered Aquarium Floating plants offer a host of benefits for your fish tank, but they can also make feeding your fish a bit difficult. You don't want to dump fish food on top...

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3 Easy Aquarium Cleaning Tips From a Pro

Currently I have 10 aquariums at home plus a handful of outdoor ponds.  I've also cleaned and maintained a lot of aquariums for clients.  When you're keeping up with a lot of tanks, you have to be efficient with your maintenance routine.  Below are three things I do when performing aquarium cleaning that every fishkeeper...

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