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Helpful Fishkeeping Links

This is a list of helpful fishkeeping resources for fishkeepers and planted aquarium enthusiasts. Odin Aquatics is not affiliated with or compensated by any of the sites, businesses, or organizations linked on this page.

Beginner Fishkeeping Resources

Major Fishkeeping Organizations

Fishkeeping Magazines

Where to Buy Aquatic Plants & Supplies (Online)

Where to Buy Live Fish (Online)

Other Fishkeeping Information Resources

Local Aquarium Clubs - Join a Club in Your Area

The links below will take you to lists of local aquarium clubs. Joining a fishkeeping club is the best way to get access to locally raised plants, fish, and inverts, and meet knowledgeable hobbyists. There are hobbyist clubs and organizations all over the world, the best way to grow and improve the hobby is to support your local club.